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    I own<BR><BR>I also own<BR><BR> has as a domain alias.<BR><BR>Is there any way I check to see if someone has got to BY going to<BR><BR>Cause if I could then I could redirect them to say a new directory in that has different content (RV&#039;s instead of cars). If all else fails, I&#039;ll buy hosting for - but I was just wondering if I could get around that and just use as the webspace for<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Ummm<BR>redirect them from to the real site<BR><BR>And add something in querystring to indicate where they came from?<BR><BR>somepage.asp?fromothersite=1<BR><BR>T hen on your pages do a fast test first thing...<BR><BR>IF Request.QueryString("fromothersite") = 1 Then<BR>&#039;Yes they came from there...<BR>&#039;Do what you need to do.<BR>End IF

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