Ok... I&#039;m totally new @ .NET but I do have some experience in asp 3.0. This is what I need to get done in plain english (I hope). I am using forms authentication and a stored procedure to log in (Login.aspx)to my system (simple book stuff). It authenticates and logs in fine. Then I have a frmStartup.aspx page that it goes to (I set this as start page in VS.NET). In the frmStartup page, I need to first grab the userID of the one authenticated and be able to print it to the screen. Then I need to get 5 values in the user table for that user which are either a 0 or a 1 or basically all that are a 1 and assign them an access level acording to this. This tells me their status and what they should have access to so I can then assign buttons depending on what they should have (1) and not give them access to what they shouldn&#039;t(0).<BR><BR>Basically they might be a manager or a business analyst or a developer... or they could also be a manager and a business analyst etc...<BR><BR>Please tell me what you think on how to get started on this. I am using vb.net as my language and VS 2003 IDE.<BR><BR>Thanks!