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Thread: Trying to read text file from URL

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    I want to read the contents of a CSV text file hosted on another server and display it on my site. What command can I use?<BR><BR>I have previously used the FileSystemObject to read a text file on the same server as my webpage, but now I want to access that text file from elsewhere. I tried referencing it using URL in the Server.MapPath but it doesn&#039;t work - says its an invalid path character. I therefore assume I shouldn&#039;t use FileSystemObject.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Andy

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    Default Nope

    Have to map a drive to access the file. since it is a URL, upload the file first and then user FSO to read it.<BR><BR>

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    Coule XMLhttp be used in this case? I don&#039;t know much about it, but I thought I read something about that a while back.

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