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    I have an opening frameset page with 3 frames. <BR>In the bottom frame, I have a IFRAME with a new page. If the user clicks a link in this bottom IFRAME, I need to increase the size of the bottom FRAME.<BR>Is it possible to change this on demand (without reloading the frameset page) or only at design time?<BR><BR>The frame height for each frame is setup as...<BR>&#060;frameset rows="61,46%,*" framespacing="2" border="1" frameborder="0"&#062;<BR> &#060;frame name="top" scrolling="no" noresize target="middle" src="main.asp"&#062;<BR> &#060;frame name="middle" target="bottom" src="data_page.asp" scrolling="auto"&#062;<BR> &#060;frame name="bottom" src="detail_page.asp" scrolling="auto" target="middle"&#062;<BR> &#060;noframes&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default IE can do it, Netscape can't.

    It&#039;s just one of the window properties using JavaScript.<BR><BR>I did this for a chat app - to show or hide "help/instructions" to the user. But, that code&#039;s long since inaccessible to me.

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