I&#039;ve few doubts regarding Crystal Report.<BR><BR>1)I&#039;m creating an untyped report in VS.net and i want to deploy it in a machine which have .net famework only installed.For that i created a websetup project for deployment.<BR><BR>Within that i&#039;ve to provide a licence key for the merge modules.<BR>Is that key is mandatory or is it to be a licenced key from the vendor?<BR><BR>2)I took a key from the VS.Net environment and i created the web setup package.Then i deployed it in the .net framework machine.<BR><BR>I can view that page in that machine(web server pc) but from any other client PC it&#039;s not accessible.It&#039;s giving a DNS error.<BR><BR>From the client PC&#039;s Run ,i typed the path of this page and it gave an error --path is not correct and some components or library may have lost.<BR><BR>Can you help me ?