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    Default image resizing - need help

    I am using SoftArtisans.FileUp if anyone is familiar with it. I'd like to know if there is a way to set the file size before uploading the file. OR if there is a way through FSO that once I've done a GetFile and determined my height and width, if I can then rewrite the file with a modified height and width. OR if anyone has any other suggestions for downsizing image files to a specific size before they are saved to the server, from being uploaded from a website. Thanks.

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    Default You need another component...

    It&#039;s way too tough to ask your users to resize their images before uploading them. You *could* put a limit on the file *size*, of course. Just reject any too-big files.<BR><BR>But for resizing images, you need a separate component that can input an image file, resize the image, and then output a revised image file. I use one that I bought 3 or 4 years ago from "TiliSoft", but there are many of them available. (And if you coded in ASP.NET, the capability is built in to the .NET is file upload.) If you look at in their lists of components you can find several such components, some of them even free, I believe.<BR><BR>

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