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    I have 2 modes: Mode1, Mode2.<BR><BR>I have 2 SQLs based on the mode: One sql brings 4 values, another one brings 2 values...<BR><BR>I have a dataGrid with 1 column, 4 rows in it for Mode1.<BR><BR>For Mode2, I want my dataGrid to have 1 column and have ONLY 2 rows ...<BR><BR> i want to use the SAME dataGrid,ItemTemplates and delete the 2 extra rows for Mode2...<BR><BR>My solution was this: Use 2 dataGrids, based on Mode, display the right dataGrid...But i had to use lots of If-Else to display the right datagrid...<BR><BR>There has to be a better way than what I did, couldnt use panels with dataGrid, but there has to be a way to delete 2 rows from DataGrid.

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    Nice use of bold and all, but it doesn&#039;t make much sense.<BR><BR>If you return 2 rows of data and bind it to your grid you should get 2 rows.<BR>If you return and bind 4 rows, you should get 4 rows.<BR>

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