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    Hi! I need to display the contents of my MS Access database file on the Windows Desktop (not in the website), like a scrolling-dynamic text ticker, which should get refreshed automatically, as soon as the database is updated. The contents of the database are updated by asp script. If possible kindly help me as soon as possible, as my website is getting delayed for the hosting. Thanx in advance to all those without whom this work cannot be accomplished succesfully.

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    You can&#039;t do that. The only way you could is to have the user enable web content on their desktop and set their homepage to your page. But that&#039;s not something ASP can do for them, owing to the face that it&#039;s a SERVER-SIDE technology (i.e. can&#039;t affect anything on the client machine).<BR><BR>How much experience do you have with ASP? It sounds like you&#039;re having trouble with the basic concepts...<BR><BR>R

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