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    I created a DLL using vb6 that has many functions I need for a business application. I have used this DLL in my desktop version of the application but now want to use it while developing a web version. I am able to use the DLL and call the functions but the problem is that I can not destroy the lock on the object (if I try to delete the DLL or recompile it there is a sharing violation error from Windows). I have set the object = nothing but that doesn&#039;t seem to work. Here is basically the code: <BR><BR>Set RTW = Server.CreateObject("RunningToWin.Users") <BR> . <BR> . <BR> . <BR>Set RTW = Nothing <BR><BR><BR>Now, my setup is as follows: I have my web server on my laptop where the DLL is registered via RegSvr32. I&#039;m bringing up IE and running the test asp page. The shortened version is that I&#039;m running everything from one machine. <BR><BR>So, the issue is that I need to make changes to the DLL but can not do so unless I reboot my computer (or at least log off an log back on). I&#039;m sure there is something I am overlooking but don&#039;t know what to do... Please help... Thanks. Mike.

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