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    I am using ASP in conjunction with an Access database, running on IIS. I have created a system DSN and use for example Connect.Open "DSNname" where connect is an ADODB.Connection object, to access the database.<BR>Unfortunetly, sometimes when I run it, the page returns an error relating to the line &#039Connect.Open "DSNname". If I leave it for a while, and refresh the page it works. <BR><BR>Please, could somebody help.........<BR>Thank you <BR>Simon

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    Simon,<BR>Are you testing the connection object to ensure it&#039s valid?<BR>IsObject("Connect")<BR><BR>Also are you the only user? Access does not have great performance. You can get a little more if you use a DSN-less connection.<BR><BR>For more information to www.wrox.com and lookup the sample code for their Beginning Databases with ASP. There are several samples throughout for Access.

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