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    Dont know what&#039;s going on here... trying to insert data from browser to Access DB and its adding some funky name at the end of each record... <BR><BR>see the example here... <BR>"Kucsera" needs to be added to my DB Table and it is adding this one " KucseraĆ” " adding another "a" some symbol which we will see in Microsoft office...

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    From a text field? Every browser? Every OS? How are you getting the value? request.form, qs, etc.<BR><BR>

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    Default The problem is in line 937...

    ...where you have a dollar sign instead of a circumflex.<BR><BR>No?<BR><BR>Well, I keep making that same guess and figure that *someday* I&#039;ll be right.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t suppose you&#039;d care to share your code with us?

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