I am a beginner trying to learn how to build/test service component. I am running into problem testing the service component that I built. These are the steps I have used to create the component... <BR><BR>1. Create a VB class in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and named it ServerApplication w/ class named clsServerApp. The class has only one method that return a fixed string value. The class inherits Server.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent class.<BR>2. After I have compiled the class into ServerApplication.dll. I gerenated a snk file by using sn.exe -k ServerApplication.snk in the .NET command prompt. <BR>3. I included all necessary assembly attributes in the AssessblyInfo.vb file from my class as follows.. <BR>&#060;Assembly: AssemblyDescription("Sample code for COM+ Application")&#062; <BR>&#060;Assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("../../ServerApplication.snk")&#062; <BR>&#060;Assembly: ApplicationName("ServerApplication")&#062; <BR>&#060;Assembly: ApplicationActivation(ActivationOption.Server)&#06 2; <BR>&#060;Assembly: Guid("A1649246-684A-4B71-99C4-5C1DD2727A81")&#062; <BR>&#060;Assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")&#062; <BR>4. I re-build the ServerApplication.dll file. <BR>5. Used the gacutil.exe to deploy the component to the GAC. <BR>6. Used the regsvcs.exe to register the component to the COM+ application. <BR><BR>I have verified GAC and component services, both area shown my ServerApplication component. <BR><BR>Next, I tried to create a new vb windows project to test the ServerApplication component and here is where I am lose. I tried to find and add a reference (ServerApplication) to my vb file so I can use the method in my window form. However, I could not locate my component anywhere (under .NET or COM tabs). <BR><BR>1. Am I missing something?? <BR>2. Each time I recompile my class (updated version), do I need to re-register into the COM+ application and/or GAC?<BR><BR>Please help. Thanks!