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    Hi, <BR> I am kind of stuck. My ASP dating system was working all fine, until i changed the path to OLEDB database (something like that). NOw the whole dating system is down, and is not responding. I have tried changing the path to everything i can, but still no response. Here is the path i am using:<BR>------------<BR>datasourcename="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4 .0;Data Source=http://www.boalchaal.comaccess_dboaldatabase.mdb"<BR>------------<BR>Any idea, where am i going wrong?<BR>Also, this program uses CDONTS to send out mail, and my server admin tols me, that i have CDONTS on my web server. I dont know how to detect it and plug it in to program. Wish i knew something about ASP. <BR>Any help would be appretiated. <BR>

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    You need the File path <BR><BR>As in Something like --<BR>Source=c:inetpubwwwrootoaldatabase.mdb<BR><BR >Replace with your drive and directory structure1

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