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    i have created a 1st page which asks user to enter information.<BR>2nd page checks whether that information is in data and if it is there then opens up aform in 2nd page itself to enter data.3rd page updates data.<BR>is there any way i can pass what user entered in 1st page to 3rd page.<BR>

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    (1) Pass it in session variables.<BR> Easy to do:<BR> For Each fld In Request.Form<BR> Session(fld) = Request.Form(fld)<BR> Next<BR><BR>(2) Put it into hidden fields in the form on page 2.<BR> Easy to do:<BR> For Each fld In Request.Form<BR> REsponse.Write "&#060;INPUT Type=Hidden Name=""" & fld & """ Value=""" & Request.Form(fld) & """&#062;"<BR> Next<BR><BR>(3) Put it into cookies. Yes, also easy to do.<BR><BR>(4) Put it into a temp DB table. Yes, also easy to do.<BR><BR>You choose.<BR><BR>

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