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    Hi, I posted a while ago about a few issues with maintaining state on a mobile profile device. Although initially I thought I had overcome the problem I have realised that it was just the beginning.....<BR><BR>I have several versions of the site that work on the "fixed" internet and on mobile device emulators, the trouble is when I access the site using a real life Nokia 6600 it does not maintain state correctly.<BR><BR>I have tried using: Session Variables, cookies (plus with keys), hidden fields, fat / long URLs and they all seem to cause unexplained errors in some way. For all the errors I am able to track down exactly when and where a variable is being passed and whether or not it exists, the problem is that if it does exist sometimes it is just ignored. The main problem is that the errors are occurring on the server side! Each version works perfectly on the fixed internet and through the emulators. This leads me to two conclusions: either the Wap gateway I am using is faulty or the Nokia 6600 browser has a bug (which many do exist) that is preventing the site working correctly. The XHTML (both basic & MP versions) meet W3C standards plus I have created a valid XHTML 1.1 version. The ASP coding has been proven to work on several other fixed internet sites!<BR><BR>I am at this point getting very frustrated and seem to be going round in circles, some telecommunication "experts" think that the coding I am using meets all specifications for use on a mobile medium, but the mobile medium itself does not meet the actual specifications it has been built around. Hence my problem!<BR><BR>Can anyone shed any light on this issue?<BR><BR>I know generally it is the code that is at fault but in this case I really do think that it is some other phenomenon.<BR><BR>Waiting with baited breathe,<BR><BR>Rob Stanley<BR>

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    Im assuming your serving up the the xhtml with asp.<BR><BR>1. My experience is that session states & cookies are always iffy at best with phones, try & maintain the state on the server instead of the device. ie .NET sessionless state. If no .Net, My experience is sessions are more Cross Compat than cookie.<BR><BR>2. I would def avoid keys in the cookies. I have never seen a wap device handle keys correctly, consistantly & with xPlatform compat.<BR><BR>3. Have you checked the size of your deck to make sure its not over 1kb? Im not sure but your cookies may add to total deck size that is NOT represented in deck size.<BR><BR>4. If your serving wap off your ASP enabled website for testing you dont need a gateway. Have you set up the mime types on your webserver correctly for testing? ie per Nokia&#039;s instructions (must be set from IIS manager)<BR><BR>5. If the gateway is 3rd party could it be could it be mucking (changing) things?<BR><BR>Im not even a novice on wap but these are some of the issues I ran into working with wap. <BR><BR>Cheers<BR>surf

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    Default All of it makes sense...

    ...except the hidden fields. Hard to see how those could fail unless the phone simply isn&#039;t sending back POST data. (I assume you are using POST and not GET.)<BR><BR>One silly suggestion: Temporarily change the hidden field to be visible and see if what shows on the phone is indeed what you get on the server.<BR><BR>I assume that someplace in all of this you *are* getting some &#060;FORM&#062;-based data for other reasons?<BR><BR>(I guess "makes sense" was too strong. What I really meant is that I could believe that cookies, et al., were somehow being screwed up.)

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