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    Default Win 98 with PWS to Win 2000

    I have upgraded from Win 98 with PWS to Win 2000. In<BR>doing so I have found that when one of my asp pages has an error, instead of displaying part page complete until error is found it just tells of error and line number in an IE5 error message. So therefore my Response.Write error finding codes to help find the error local never work. I know it must just be a setting in IIS5 that I need to change but I can&#039;t find it. Can anyone one help?

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    Default Did you upgrade MSIE too?

    If so, maybe you just need to *UN*check "Show friendly HTTP error messages" in the Advanced tab of the Internet Options menu item in the Tools menu. Might need to close all browser windows and reopen them to have it take effect.<BR><BR>If that&#039;s not the problem, then you&#039;ll have to change your "Custom Error Pages" in IIS. <BR><BR>Bring up the IIS admin panel.<BR><BR>Click on Local computer, then Web sites, then default web site.<BR><BR>Make sure "Default Web Site" [or some other site, if working with more than one site, as appropriate] is selected and then click on ACTION menu and PROPERTIES menu item.<BR><BR><BR>Click on the CUSTOM ERRORS tab in the dialog that appears. <BR><BR>Alter custom error pages as you wish.<BR><BR>I click on both 500 and 500.100 and then the "Set to default" button, which means that no special error handling will take place.<BR><BR><BR>

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