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    i&#039;ve been trying to help this guy in the office rid himself of some unwanted pop up windows.<BR><BR>i installed the google toolbar on his machine...........it works great for me, but he is still getting the pop ups.<BR><BR>i just ran a virus scan and none were found.<BR><BR>how can i get rid of the pop ups on his machine.<BR><BR>temp int files, cookies, etc., have been deleted.<BR><BR>any ideas? thank you.<BR><BR>i tried googling for an answer, but i can&#039;t distinguish between the good blockers and the not-so-good ones.

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    Default Could be spyware as well

    Scan Google for "Spybot" and see if that picks anything up on the machine.<BR><BR>At another (more simpler) solution, turn off ye olde JS.

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    http://www.safer-networking.org<BR>http://www.lavasoft.de<BR>http://www.adaware.com<BR><BR>Combination of the three should sort it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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