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    Culley Guest

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    *<BR>I&#039m a VB/Database programmer digging into Interdev and Im putting together a homepage to try to get a handle on this stuff. What Im having trouble with at this point is getting my pages to stay smashed against the left margin-- I dont want my paragraphs to readjust when maximazing the browser. For example readjusts when you maximize and does not. How to you put a cap on width?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help...<BR><BR>Culley<BR>

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    Specify all your WIDTHs in your TABLE and TD tags as hard coded numbers. On ASPMessageboard we use %&#039s and *.<BR><BR>For example, if you say:<BR>&#060;TABLE WIDTH=95%&#062;<BR><BR>when you resize, the table will resize. If you say:<BR>&#060;TABLE WIDTH=400&#062;<BR><BR>The width will stay at 400 pixels regardless of the browser size. Make sense?

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    Culley Guest

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    Okie Dokie. I was hoping to avoid tables and use some hidden functionality in Interdev but tables will do!<BR><BR>Thanks, Culley

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    Tonia Luykx Guest

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    I am a Masters in Information Technology student trying to find a way of creating browser irrelevant webpage formats, can anyone point me in the right direction.<BR><BR>Tonia Luykx

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