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    I am searching for XML sports score feeds, and was trying to take that data and store it to a database and republish that information on my web site.<BR><BR>I think I have a basic idea as to how to do this, but I cannot seem to find any xml feeds on the web for sports scores that are free. I see a lot showing live lines, but I just want scores.. Anyone have any idea as to how to get that?<BR><BR>Also I was told this:<BR><BR>The php install on the webserver needs to have a module installed, Sablotron. It&#039;s an XSLT set of libraries from Ginger Alliance. These libraries are commonly used in php to query XML documents and transform them into a usable format.<BR><BR>Is this required or are there other things that can be used? I use www.digital-ground.com as my web host and am just curious if its possible to make what I want work out here... <BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    Default They aren't free for a good reason...

    ...well, actually, various good reasons:<BR><BR>(1) They cost a lot of money to develop. Somebody somewhere is sitting there typing all that info into a computer. At a minimum, you have to pay his/her salary. Plus pay for a ticket to the game, I would imagine.<BR><BR>(2) They are worth $MONEY$. Some people pay pretty good bucks to get live scores. Why should the suppliers let people like you get them for free, then?<BR><BR>(3) They are copyrighted. Okay, you can&#039;t copyright a score, per se, but you *can* copyright the format it is presented in. [Okay, in and of itself, this isn&#039;t a reason they aren&#039;t free. But it explains why they *can* charge for them.]<BR><BR>***********<BR><BR>No idea on the PHP stuff. You maybe should post that in some of the PHP forums?<BR><BR>

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