Hi I am generating crystal report from ASP.net when connect to local database without windows authentication its working fine.When i connect to remote server i am getting below error.I am connecting to server using window authentication.If i see the report in .aspx page it giving correct result means i think no problem in .rpt file.When i debug my code its giving error at<BR><BR>CrTable.Location = strDBName & ".dbo." & CrTable.Location.Substring(CrTable.Location.LastIn dexOf(".") + 1)<BR><BR>line.When i see the value of location its giving correct.But end result is below error.<BR>Shall i need to pass anything if i use windows authentication.pl help me.my code is here.<BR><BR><BR>CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.E ngine.InvalidArgumentException: Error in File c:inetpubwwwrootRBReports est2.rpt: Invalid table number.<BR><BR> Dim rptAttendance As New ReportDocument<BR> Dim strDBServer As String<BR> Dim strDBName As String<BR> Dim strUserName As String<BR> Dim strPassword As String<BR> Dim strReportFilePath As String<BR> Dim crtableLogoninfos As New TableLogOnInfos<BR> Dim crtableLogoninfo As New TableLogOnInfo<BR> Dim crConnectionInfo As New ConnectionInfo<BR> Dim CrTables As Tables<BR> Dim CrTable As Table<BR> Dim TableCounter<BR><BR> Dim crReportDocument As New ReportDocument<BR> strReportFilePath = Request.MapPath("").ToString<BR> strReportFilePath = strReportFilePath & "\" & "test2.rpt"<BR> crReportDocument.Load(strReportFilePath)<BR><BR> &#039; strDBServer = "."<BR> &#039; strDBName = "StrategicAccounts"<BR> strDBServer = "SGDS10"<BR> strDBName = "APIS_Sales"<BR> &#039;strUserName = "sa"<BR> &#039;strPassword = "sa"<BR><BR> With crConnectionInfo<BR> .ServerName = strDBServer<BR> .DatabaseName = strDBName<BR> &#039; .UserID = strUserName<BR> &#039; .Password = strPassword<BR><BR> End With<BR><BR> CrTables = crReportDocument.Database.Tables<BR><BR> &#039;Loop through each table in the report and apply the <BR> &#039;LogonInfo information <BR><BR> For Each CrTable In CrTables<BR> crtableLogoninfo = CrTable.LogOnInfo<BR> crtableLogoninfo.ConnectionInfo = crConnectionInfo<BR> CrTable.ApplyLogOnInfo(crtableLogoninfo)<BR> CrTable.Location = strDBName & ".dbo." & CrTable.Location.Substring(CrTable.Location.LastIn dexOf(".") + 1)<BR> Next<BR> CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = crReportDocument<BR>