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    It seems to open the excel object up. but it doesn&#039;t do anything. It does open an excel process (task manager). But it just hangs around then for a few minutes and does not even process an error <BR>&#060;begin code&#062; <BR><BR>set mye = server.createobject("excel.application") <BR>set mywb = mye.workbooks.open(strPath) &#039;strpath is correct <BR>set myws = mywb.worksheets(1) <BR><BR>myws.cells(1,1) = "hello world" <BR><BR>response.write "I atleast got here" <BR><BR>mywb.saveas(strPathT &"ExcelTemp2.xls") &#039;strpathT is correct also <BR>mye.quit <BR>set myws = nothing <BR>set mywb = nothing <BR>set mye = nothing <BR><BR>&#060;end code&#062; <BR><BR><BR>

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