Hi all,<BR> I posted a similar question yesterday but would like some more help;<BR><BR>I have a secure section of a site that requires un and pw;<BR>on login I create a session using a client number;<BR>I have bunch of files in a folder that can be viewed by certain users depending on the session id;<BR>eg. some users will be able to view 3 of 10 files etc.<BR>Problem: the files are named accroding to userid<BR>eg. J08787.pdf, I08787.pdf and J07655.pdf in this case I would list only two files for user 8787 to view.<BR><BR>What is the best way to go about this? If user 8787 is viewing<BR>http://site/pdf/J08787.pdf.....how can I prevent him/her from changing the file name etc...?? many thanks.