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    I have a load of tables imported from a spreadsheet (29 in total).<BR><BR>What is the best way of enabling them to be searched by category and individaul company name etc.<BR><BR>I would also like to be able to display a small section of a record (contact info for example) then hyperlink to the rest.<BR><BR>Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    ..."What&#039;s best"? You program a search in ASP, either using VBScript or JScript. You can either have a simple substring comparison (in SQL that&#039;s LIKE) or research stemming and other algorithms that allow for typos. In a word, you can make it as simple or as complex as you like.<BR><BR>Linking to a details page from your results page is as simple as placing an anchor (&#060;A HREF...&#062;) and pass the record&#039;s ID in the querystring.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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