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    I&#039;m using the datagrid guide that was supplied on this website. I have got the datagrid 2 work with my XML settings, but my problems are these.<BR>1. My XML is used in conjunction with XSL therefore this declaration is needed: <BR>&#060;?xml version="1.0"?&#062;<BR>&#060;?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="lecture.xsl"?&#062;<BR><BR>but everytime I start the datagrid and update any data my declaration is changed to this:<BR>&#060;?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?&#062;<BR><BR>I cant have this, for this is for my final year project for my bachelors degree in computer science, I need 2 have the website able 2 be manipulated using ASP.<BR><BR>My other problem is that I cannt paste links into the datagrid when trying to update i.e: <BR>&#060;a href=""&#062;PDF&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>is not allowed, is there any way around this? Any help will be extremely welcomed, u can get me here or at my email address directly This has been much harder than I anticipated, I only have 3 weeks 2 go until the deadline!.<BR><BR>Thanks for even reading this long winded post!<BR><BR>Tal<BR>

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    if you are attempting to change the value of a server control, then you will need to change it programatically before the page is processed.<BR><BR>here&#039;s what i mean:<BR><BR>server controls are bound to the server just like the page is bound to the server. when a page is posted back to the server, the server first resolves the server controls and thereafter resolves the page. all data on the page and in controls is included in the hidden hash key, so upon postback the server updates the controls as requested by your script, then updates the hash, then continues to execute page-level scripts.

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