Do I need ScriptTimeout?

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    Help!<BR>I&#039ve made an ASP which searches through our database for an input keyword using WHERE columns LIKE &#039%string%&#039. the problem is, if somebody types in, for example, the letter &#039e&#039 the computer searches until it crashes. I&#039ve heard that Server.ScriptTimeout can help. Is this true? It doesn&#039t seem to work for me. Please, somebody help!<BR>david

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    If your machine crashes before you get a scripttimeout, augmenting it won&#039t help.<BR>The best way to deal with you situation is probably to not perform searches on one letter.<BR>"e" is the most common letter in the alphabet, so if you have any amount of text in your DB, you will get all records.<BR><BR>If you really need to do this you can "SELECT top 500 FROM"...<BR><BR>Hope it helps<BR>-A

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