Hi,<BR>I&#039;m wondering if anyone has used automated web application testing software and if you would recommend a particular one?<BR>I&#039;m looking to buy some type of functionality testing tool that will allow me to test an asp based web site. One example that I&#039;ve found online would be Astra QuickTest -- here&#039;s a link to their product:<BR>http://astratryandbuy.mercuryinteractive.com/cgi-<BR>bin/portal/trynbuy/aqt.jsp?prod=8022<BR><BR>Basically, I&#039;m looking for some type of automated tool that will<BR>help me debug a commercial asp/iis based web site or simply ensure that future versions of it function properly before releasing to the public. Instead of doing the testing by hand, I&#039;m wanting a tool to make the process less time consuming and more accurate. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.<BR>