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    I know this does not pertain to this group, but I really did not know where to turn on this one. Trying to find the info from Microsoft can be impossible at times. So if you are not a windows 2003 administartor, please disregaurd and forgive the post.<BR><BR>I am having problems with my .net pages sending out email. I do have the programs all written correctly and I do see the mail go into the drop box, but all mail ends up in the badmail box. I look at the logs that I get and from what I can see, its almost like it cannot connect out. I had to change the IP port address on the SMTP server to 26 since I use IMail for our mail server and it uses 25. This all worked fine when we had windows 2000, but since I changed to 2003 the server stopped sending out emails.<BR><BR>Any help on this would be great...<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Patrick

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    Have you checked the relay settings.<BR><BR>In dev I tend to allow it to relay all mail...

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