I am going to give this one a go here. <BR><BR>We are using a .NET application to connect to authorize.net. When first doing this, we were getting the<BR>following permissions error. "Unable to find an entry point named EnumerateSecurityPackagesW in DLL<BR>security.dll"<BR><BR>To fix the issue, I added the ASPNET user group to the file that connects to authorize.net, gave it modify<BR>permissions, re-started IIS, and the error went away. For about 5 days that is, then it returned generating<BR>the above error<BR><BR>When it returned, I noticed I could fix the problem by re-starting IIS. So Re-started IIS and again the<BR>same thing. Every 4-5 days it stops working generating the above error.<BR><BR>This has been going on since. Every 1 - 5 days it just stops working. I re-start IIS and it fires up again just fine.<BR><BR>Thanks.....Rob<BR>