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    David Brower Guest

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    Help!<BR> I&#039ve made an ASP which searches through our database for an input keyword using WHERE columns LIKE &#039%string%&#039. the problem is, if somebody types in, for example, the letter &#039e&#039 the computer searches until it crashes. I&#039ve heard that Server.ScriptTimeout can help. Is this true? It doesn&#039t seem to work for me. Please, somebody help!<BR>david

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    If you are using NT or Win2K as an OS then you should monitor which server&#039s CPU utilization is maxing out. I&#039ve seen this before and it is usually the web server that takes the hit. What happens is that you run the query on your ewb server and it returns a huge recordset to your web server. You script then requests that the ASP engine encapsulate each item of the rs in HTML. The default script timeout is 90 seconds, most end users will not wait longer than that for a page to load. So, although increasing the script timeout will achieve you desired results, I don&#039t recomend doing it. Either set a mimimum criteria which you will search for, or consider adding a processor to your web server. Before you consider a new server though I would try loop through the recordset and only use a<BR>: Response.Write strName & "<BR>"<BR>just to see if your web server can even get through that. If it can start adding whatever minimum HTML you need until it times out again.<BR><BR>good luck<BR>bart<BR>

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    RustyKnight Guest

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    David<BR><BR>Use the recordset.maxrecords property to limit the number of rows returned. Try this URL for an explanation:<BR><BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR><BR>

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    david brower Guest

    Default Thanks Rusty

    Thanks for the tip. As I&#039m still an ASP-beginner, I&#039ll need to take time to look at the code sample, but it looks like just what I need.<BR> Thanks again,<BR> David

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