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Thread: ASP Question related to TIMER and Databases

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    Default ASP Question related to TIMER and Databases

    Hello Friends:<BR><BR>I am facing a small ASP problem, and I am writing in to ask if there is a possible way to approach this:<BR><BR>I am building a small database project for online auctions using MS Access and ASP, a little bit similar and less functional version of ****. <BR><BR>My design allows sellers to upload the information about a product they intend to sell including the AUCTION START TIME AND DATE. Now, this information is temporarily stored in a table and when the AUCTION BEGIN time comes, I need to insert the auction information (including current state etc) into a new "Live auctions" table.<BR><BR>Also, when the auction ends (time for auction is over), the winning bidder gets an email from the system.<BR><BR>I was wondering how this could be done.. Do we need to have a constantly running server application that keeps checking time or something.. ? I would highly appreciate any ideas or tips.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Puneet Wadhwa<BR>

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    Default Why wouldn't you just put the information

    in the "live" auctions table and show only those auctions within the start / end time. This would mean your system that shows the auctions would determine which were live. As far as the auction end I think you&#039;d need something running on the server checking for ended auctions. You could do this with a scheduled job in sql server but you say you&#039;re using access so you&#039;d probably have to use either a script running in at scheduler or write a small application. This link may help you:<BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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