Hi all:<BR><BR>In Windows XP Pro - does anyone know if the system files backed up when you do:<BR><BR>Start &#062; My Computer &#062; (Right-click a drive) &#062; Properties &#062; Tools &#062; Backup &#062; Let Me Choose &#062; My Computer &#062; System State<BR><BR>... are different than what XP uses when it does a system restore?<BR><BR>My wife&#039;s PC has a virus that - of course - has copied itself into the System Restore files. Rather than replicate it, if I had done a system state backup as mentioned above, and copied the files across my network to another computer, would that circumvent the virus? Or are these types of system state backups really no different than a system restore? Would they just wind up using XP&#039;s normal System Restore files, making the entire thing a waste of time?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Kurt