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    Hi,<BR>Is there a way to test number field. I mean, i would like to test whether the input is only numeric.<BR>I have tested the blank and length by follwoing.<BR><BR>function validate()<BR>{<BR>x=document.frmreg<BR>id=x.txtst udentid.value<BR>if (id.length&#060;1)<BR> {<BR> alert("Please enter your Student ID")<BR> return false<BR> }<BR> <BR> id=x.txtstudentid.value<BR>if (id.length&#062;8)<BR> {<BR> alert("Wrong ID!")<BR> return false<BR> }<BR> <BR>else // fields populated<BR> {<BR> return true<BR> }<BR>}

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    Use IsNumeric function that returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a specified expression can be evaluated as a number.<BR><BR>

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