Hello, I was thrilled to see a working affiliate written in asp. Very encouraging for a &#039newbie&#039 compared to guys here and experienced developers.<BR><BR>Ok, I just want to know if anybody can answer this:<BR><BR>Let&#039s say joe blow signs up as an affiliate at:<BR>www.blah.com/singup.asp<BR><BR>They are given, on the fly, an affiliate url:<BR>www.blah.com/affiliate223.asp<BR><BR>What line of code generates that? I know the database should host on sql server, I know the admin page will take the username/password and match the info in the database in the &#039admin.asp&#039<BR><BR>What I am lost in is generating that on the fly code with affiliate.asp not only showing them the url, but in a text box like the one I am typing in, they see a banner url, with the updated affiliate link...THATS the key...<BR><BR>What do I need to do that?<BR><BR>Then, when they have visitors click on <BR>www.blah.com/affiliate223.asp, they are remembered with cookies. But what syntax is used to know the id...is it just a basic cookie request with value, and value is dependant on the link that brought the visitor to that site?<BR><BR>I know this may sound like a lot, but it&#039s really 2 very small things.<BR><BR>A.) The lines of code that generate on the fly updated affiliate url<BR><BR>B.)Syntaxt on homepage that guaranees with cookie that whatever affiliate refers to that page, the cookie reads THAT affiliate id so the order is placed and given credit to the proper affiliate.<BR><BR>Boy, is this stuff fun and a pain in the ....<BR><BR>Have a good one. Thanks for all of your help.<BR><BR>Joel