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    Record is deleted.I&#039;m, getting that error when I&#039;m trying to delete one record. It works for other record but getting this one for one record without knowing what the problem is. my code is<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT RujukanID.ID_Kes FROM RujukanID INNER JOIN Kes ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Kes.ID_Kes WHERE (((RujukanID.ID_Pemohon)=&#039;" & ID_Pemohon & "&#039;) AND ((Kes.No_Fail)=&#039;" & no_fail & "&#039;))"<BR> set RS1 = DB.Execute(SQL)<BR> <BR> if not RS1.EOF then<BR> while not RS1.EOF<BR> idkes = idkes & "&#039;" & RS1("ID_Kes") & "&#039;, "<BR> RS1.movenext<BR> wend<BR> panjang = Len(idkes)-2<BR> idkes = Left( idkes, panjang )<BR> end if<BR> if idkes &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> SQLstmt = "DELETE RujukanID.*, Kes.*, Borang_Seliaan.*, Laporan_Enquiri.*, Laporan_PA.*, Laporan_Pelindung.*, Laporan_Sosial.*, Perintah_MasukAsrama.*, Perintah_MasukInstitusi.*, Perintah_Seliaan.* FROM ((((((((RujukanID INNER JOIN Kes ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Kes.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Borang_Seliaan ON Kes.ID_Kes = Borang_Seliaan.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Laporan_Enquiri ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Laporan_Enquiri.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Laporan_PA ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Laporan_PA.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Laporan_Pelindung ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Laporan_Pelindung.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Laporan_Sosial ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Laporan_Sosial.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Perintah_MasukAsrama ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Perintah_MasukAsrama.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Perintah_MasukInstitusi ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Perintah_MasukInstitusi.ID_Kes) LEFT OUTER JOIN Perintah_Seliaan ON RujukanID.ID_Kes = Perintah_Seliaan.ID_Kes WHERE (((Kes.ID_Kes) IN (" & idkes &")));"<BR> DB.Execute(SQLstmt)<BR> end if

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    umm... I didn&#039;f follow that description at all, but have you checked the databases, errors FAQs first?

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