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    2 Q:&#039;s<BR><BR>1. What is this in the flash code - and does it prevent me from using flash offline - (like on a CDROM) -codeBase=http://active.macromedia.com/flash2/cabs/<BR><BR>2. What do people see in place of a flash image when their browser can&#039;t support it?<BR>

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    Default Im not a Flashy guy...

    Matter of fact I know absolutely nothing about flash...<BR>other than you need the flash plugin installed...<BR><BR>Note: This is an .ASP forum not a flash forum...<BR><BR>That said, I&#039;ll just take a wild guess....<BR><BR>codeBase=http://active.macromedia.com/flash2/cabs/ <BR>That is the location of the file it need to read code from...<BR>IF you add that file to the Disc your making then you will need to change your path to the file...<BR><BR>something like<BR>codeBase=d:SomeDirectoryactive.macromedia. comflash2cabs <BR><BR>Or whatever the Drive letter is...<BR><BR>OR if that computer you insert the disc into has an internet connection...<BR>then browser should look to the web and get that file ok since it is a http://......<BR><BR>What does a browser see if no flash?<BR>Not 100% sure...<BR>Either they will be prompted to download and install the flash plugin, if refused they just see a blank page or any html thats there...<BR><BR>I dont know if the prompt to download install flash is built in to browsers and trigers when it cant read a file...<BR><BR>Or if its the developer that firsts checks for flash capabilities and prompts the user to download it...<BR><BR>I know nothing about flash so last part im not sure about...<BR><BR>Best I can give you for an ASP no nothing flashy guy ;o)

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