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    spot Guest

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    i have a html page using frames. Left frame is a set of buttons.<BR>My code is: When click on a button,a user login asp page will load into right frame. The asp page first check if the information user input is correct. If not, then display the error message. The strange thing is: when i use netscape, i input wrong information,then error message is displayed. Then i click &#039back&#039 button or the same button on left frame,the page will never load in the right frame.If i double click the button, the page will load immediately.<BR>And the same code works fine with IE. <BR>Any one has any idea of what may cause this? Thanks!

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    Jason Buck Guest

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    What version of Netscape are you using. If it is Less than 4.0, you are just S.O.L . There are a lot of scripting(VBScript) commands that Netscape doesn&#039t understand. I know this doesn&#039t help your problem. <BR><BR>I have developed some basic pages with ASP that query a database and return TRUE&#039s and FALSE&#039s from CHECKBOXES. Then I write the If rstemp("CHECKFIELD") = TRUE then<BR>response.write "&#060;INPUT TYPE=&#039CHECKBOX&#039 name=&#039chk1&#039 Checked&#062; <BR>else <BR>response.write "&#060;INPUT TYPE=&#039CHECKBOX&#039 name=&#039chk1&#039 &#062; <BR>End if <BR><BR>Netscape returns a blank screen and IE returns the Check boxes.<BR><BR>It is just the browser, and there not much you can do about it.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>Jason<BR> m<BR>

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