I have a problem, and it seems that i am not able to see whether summary1 etc, has 100 words or not.. its not counting the words correctly ? <BR><BR>Function ValidateSummaries()<BR> Dim summaries() = {summary1, summary2, summary3, summary4}<BR> Dim msgs() As Label = {toomany1, toomany2, toomany3, toomany4}<BR> Dim isValid As Boolean = True<BR> Dim i As Integer<BR> Dim tokens() As String<BR> Dim r as New Text.RegularExpressions.Regex("( )")<BR> For i = 0 to 3<BR> msgs(i).Text = ""<BR> tokens = r.Split(summaries(i).Text)<BR> If tokens.Length &#062; 100 Then<BR> &#039;Too many words, allow user to reduce it.<BR> isValid = False<BR> msgs(i).Text = "Must be less than 100 words. Please cut some text."<BR> End If<BR> Next<BR> return isValid<BR> End Function