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    &nbsp;<BR>I am trying to pass value through pages...<BR><BR>page1.asp<BR>-----------<BR><BR>varName=Request("fname")<BR>Response.Redir ect("page2.asp?test="& varName & "")<BR>(when I do response.write varname I get o/p as firstname which is correct)But the value is nort passed in response.redirect <BR><BR>but if I write <BR>Response.Redirect("page2.asp?test=1")<BR>thi s is working why?<BR>Heeelpp!!!<BR><BR><BR>

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    If the page before this one is not the form page that sent the values over then this won&#039t work. On that page do a <BR>&#060;%response.write "(" & Request("fname") & ")"%&#062;<BR><BR>If there is nothing in the paranthesis then you are not properly passing the values.

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