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    I tried to list out all the user of the site using application object and session object ,I didn't get the result.If you know the solution, then tell me to continue the work.this is urgent.I used ASP & PWS.Please help me.If any please to

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    Sorry but this doesn't make a lot of sense. What do you mean by 'all the users of the site'? The server knows nothing about the visitor to a site apart from their IP address and that isn't much use. Unless of course users are logging on to the sitein some way, but you don't actually say that. Please give some more details and some code and we might be able to help.

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    Default I think he probably wants to...

    ...know which users are currently "active" on the site. As we all know, this can&#039;t be reliably established, since the web server doesn&#039;t know whether a client is still active or not, once it has sent the page (or other documents) to the client.<BR><BR>However, there is something somewhere in the FAQs or 21Seconds or something. Not sure. Might be worth doing a Google.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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