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    In my pages I'm using request.cookies and response.cookies to pass information around. In my browser I have it set to 'block all cookies'. Based on what I'm doing with the cookies, I would expect to receive an error message or at least have the privacy symbol displayed in the status bar when these are encountered, but I'm not. In my debugging, I can see that the cookie does have the value it's intended to have and I don't understand why. I have deleted my cookies, temporary files, exited the browser, rebooted my pc etc. and I just don't get it. The browser is blocking other cookies - I can see this from the privacy report. All cookies are stored on the client PC, correct? Any ideas?

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    Default Probably running localhost

    and your INTRAnet settings are different than your INTERnet settings. Pull the little slider to high security for intranet and see if that does it.

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