Hi guys,<BR><BR>This is what my requirement is:<BR>I need to make a ToDo List based on roles and dates.<BR><BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR>So I have a upper level of tabs - which are the date ranges<BR>ex:<BR>Last week, This week, Next week and so on....<BR><BR>Currently, I have put these in a web user control (.ascx)<BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR>Next, each time a tab is clicked, based on the logged in user, I display his roles in 3 drop down lists<BR>ex:<BR>Project Manager, Work Unit Manager, Resource, etc. etc.<BR><BR>Again, I have put these in a different web user control (.ascx)<BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Finally, I have a repeater control, which I have put in a third web user control (.ascx).<BR>This repeater control will display the data for the selected date range and selected role.<BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Then in my webform (.aspx) I register these 3 user controls.<BR>And every time a different tab is clicked, or a role is selected, I set a session variable.<BR>Based on these session values, I populate my repeater with data.<BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Im just not sure - this is the right way of organizing things.<BR>Would it be a better idea to just have different pages for each time period? Like in my case, I have 6 time periods - so would it be better to have 6 repeater controls ? Or is my idea good ?<BR>Any other suggestions ???<BR>Sorry for the length of this thread.<BR><BR>TIA, <BR>ajax