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    hi,<BR>Iam sprven, a resident of USA.<BR>You must be knowing about the yahoo message boards.<BR>example: ieswhatsthefuss&sid=7088120&mid=1&type=date&first= 1<BR> <BR>that is a message board discussing the particular topic.<BR> <BR>i need to do a project in which i need to create a similar application where in i have to do what is present ina typical message board ie.,<BR>exactly i need to do something which looks like:<BR> ieswhatsthefuss&sid=7088120&mid=1<BR> <BR>so it shud have the following:<BR> <BR> # Subject Author Recs Date/Time (ET) <BR><BR>and please see the URL above, u can understand what am talking about,<BR>in the right side there shud be an option like post a message.<BR>when clicked on a particular mesg, it goes to:<BR> ieswhatsthefuss&sid=7088120&mid=41<BR> <BR>it shud have on the right somethng like reply and post ;<BR> <BR>on the bottom, there shud be like nxt, prev......<BR> <BR>can u give me suggestions as how to do this.<BR>please email me at<BR><BR> <BR>thnx,<BR>sprven<BR><BR>

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    and don&#039;t ask for email help - help is best kept in the community for the benefit of the community. I could give you 1-to-1 help, but I&#039;d charge you.

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