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    I have 50 songs in a Listbox say in ListBox1 and I want to ask User to select only 20 songs from these 50 songs and wherever he/she click/select any song from ListBox1 that song should delete from ListBox1 and add in another listbox say in ListBox2 , if before 20 songs if he/she try to submit the form , system should popup alert saying "you cannot submit if you didn&#039;t rate min 20 songs". <BR><BR>If it is possible to add one more feature when any user delete any song from ListBox2 it should again come back in ListBox1 and if user want to add new song from ListBox1 in place of deleted song the system put new song on same position in ListBox2 from where user has deleted the song. <BR><BR>After finishing 20 songs rating I want to save ListBox2 data into database through VBScript.

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    Default I have a demo... that shows moving items from one &#060;SELECT MULTIPLE&#062; to another. Look for the "Dual lists in HTML" demo (or words to that effect).<BR><BR>Yes, it does exactly what you ask.<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t count the number of items in the right-side list, but that would be easy enough to add, at the same time that the code has to set SELECTED for all the right-side items (so they will post to the next page).<BR><BR>Use that to get started and if you have problems, ask again. Please stay in this thread, rather than starting a new thread. Okay?<BR><BR>

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