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Thread: Date/Time Format. I don't know how to solve t

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    Default Date/Time Format. I don't know how to solve t

    Hello,<BR><BR>i am just finishing a web site in / VB using Dreamweaver MX 2004 and<BR>in all the pages i use the date/time format as follows:<BR><BR>Date: DD-MM-YYYY<BR>Time: HH-MM (24 hours)<BR><BR>Anyway, everything works fine when testing in my computer. However, when i<BR>uploaded the web site to my hosting space in the date/time appears as<BR>follows:<BR><BR>Date: DD-MM-YYYY (uses 1 insted of 01)<BR>Time: HH:MM (12 hours - uses PM and AM)<BR><BR>The formats i am using are:<BR><BR>Date<BR>...ToString(\"d\")<BR><BR>Time <BR>....ToString(\"t\")<BR><BR>As i said, it works just i want in my computer but in your server everything changes.<BR><BR>I have no idea of how to solve this. Can somebody help me out?<BR>Can you please send me some code examples so i can understand it better? <BR><BR>My email is just in case somebody prefer to contact me that way.<BR><BR>Thank You Very Much,<BR>Miguel<BR>

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    Default It's a server setting...

    When you use the "generic" formats in ToString as you did, then you get the generic settings *for the server* on which you are running. Obviously, the Web server settings are different than the ones on your machine.<BR><BR>So instead specify a *complete* format instead of a generic format.<BR><BR><BR><BR> ic.asp<BR><BR>Something like<BR> xxx.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy")<BR>and<BR> ttt.ToString("HH:mm")<BR><BR>

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