Hello,<BR><BR>I have a question for you that maybe you can help with. We are currently updating our sample request form. Right now it is a pop-up and I am able to clear the users cookies and redirect the parent page using JavaScript. When someone submits a sample, they get a confirmation, they close the window and the cookies are cleared and the original page from which the pop-up came is redirected. While all this is happening an e-mail is sent to me giving a summary of the sample request. The problem is the e-mail is being sent twice. 1) When the user actually submits the sample an e-mail is sent 2) when the user closes out of the window another e-mail is sent. What I would like obviously, is only one e-mail. Can you help?<BR><BR>http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/cart3.asp (sample cart page , everything works)<BR>http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/sample_request_cookie.asp (actual form page)<BR>http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/confirm_sample_cookie.asp (this is the page where the problem is , probably with the refreshParent function<BR><BR>Since it is a pop-up here are instructions on how to go through the process:<BR><BR>Instructions:<BR><BR>http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/part.asp?partno=10234<BR><BR>1. Click on Add to Sample Cart (on right)<BR>2. You should then go to this page (http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/cart.asp). DO NOT CLICK ON THE PREVIOUS LINK<BR>3. Go to the web address and a 3 after cart so it should look like this (http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/cart3.asp) DO NOT CLICK<BR>4. Then Click on Submit Your Request<BR><BR>Thanks