Getting started w/ LDAP/COM for .NET apps

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Thread: Getting started w/ LDAP/COM for .NET apps

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    Hi-<BR><BR>We&#039;re trying to create a COM object to be used w/ our .NET applications that does user info lookups using LDAP. We currently have an NT4.0 domain, with Exchange 5.5 and withing the next 3-4 months will be moving to ADS 2003 and Exchange 2003. Can someone tell me some good references to get started, and if they know of any problems we could potentially run into with our ADS rollout.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    If you&#039;re going to be retrieving information from Exchange 5.5 to display, please note that the schemas from Exchange 5.5 and Active Directory are different.<BR><BR>Microsoft has an Exchange 5.5 lookup/update web application that you could probably borrow code from or modify and use (GAL Modify for the Web). I think it comes with Exchange 5.5 or BackOffice (it&#039;s been a while since I&#039;ve seen it):<BR><BR><BR><BR>If your planning to move to Exchange 2000/2003 in the future, please note that the LDAP schemas between 5.5 and 2000/2003 products are different (the "GAL" is replaced by Active Directory in Exchange 2000/2003). Many of the attribute names are different, and there no longer a need to connect to an individual&#039;s mailbox server to retrieve attribute information.<BR><BR>Instead of writing COM, I ended up developing a web service to perform directory searches to allow other application projects to add their own user lookups into their applications.

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