Help on web control (server control).<BR>I loose my value of the control as soon as it enters my class user.cs?<BR>In my backend code of my form when the user click register.<BR>ActiveUp.WebControls.ActiveDateTime BirthDateSelector<BR><BR>I get u.BirthDate = BirthDateSelector.Date<BR><BR>When I debug the application BirthDateSelector is undefined in User.cs // Code below. Can someone help me.<BR><BR>I am trying to populate my user.cs object in BirthDateSelector that is it is a web control.<BR> <BR><BR><BR>&#060;% Register TagPrefix="cc1" Namespace="Active.Webcontrols"<BR>Assembly="Active DateTime" %&#062;<BR><BR>Now in my web form<BR>I have the following<BR><BR><BR>&#060;cc1:ActiveDateTime id="BirthDateSelector" runat="server" AllowNull="False"<BR>Format="MONTH; ;DAY; ;YEAR;"&#062;&#060;/cc1:ActiveDateTime&#062;<BR><BR><BR>I create an object class to collect all of my values that are enter in the webform when the user clicks submit.<BR><BR><BR><BR>// User.cs<BR>using System;<BR>using System.Data.SqlClient;<BR>using System.Web.UI;<BR>using System.Web.UI.WebControls;<BR>using System.ComponentModel;<BR><BR><BR>namespace Site<BR>{<BR> public class User <BR> {<BR> private int id;<BR> private string Username_TextBox;<BR> private string Password_TextBox;<BR> private ActiveUp.WebControls.ActiveDateTime<BR>BirthDateSe lector;<BR> public int ID <BR> {<BR> get <BR> {<BR> return id;<BR> }<BR> set <BR> {<BR> id = value;<BR> }<BR> }<BR> <BR> <BR> public string Username <BR> {<BR> get<BR> {<BR> return Username_TextBox;<BR> }<BR><BR> set<BR> {<BR> Username_TextBox = value;<BR> }<BR> }<BR><BR> public string Password <BR> {<BR> get<BR> {<BR> return Password_TextBox;<BR> }<BR><BR> set<BR> {<BR> Password_TextBox = value;<BR> }<BR> }<BR><BR> public System.DateTime BirthDate<BR> {<BR> get<BR> {<BR> return BirthDateSelector.Date;<BR> }<BR> set <BR> {<BR> BirthDateSelector.Date = value;<BR> }<BR><BR> }<BR><BR> public User()<BR> {<BR> ID = -1;<BR> }<BR><BR> public User(int ID) <BR> {<BR> this.ID = ID; <BR> }<BR><BR> public User(User u) <BR> {<BR> this.ID<BR>= u.ID;<BR> this.Username<BR>= u.Username;<BR> this.Password<BR>= u.Password;<BR> this.BirthDateSelector.Date =<BR>u.BirthDateSelector.Date;<BR> }<BR><BR> public void SetSqlCmdParams(SqlCommand cmd) <BR> {<BR> cmd.Parameters["@username"].Value<BR>= this.Username;<BR> cmd.Parameters["@password"].Value<BR>= this.Password;<BR> cmd.Parameters["@birthdate"].Value<BR>= this.BirthDateSelector;<BR> }<BR><BR> public void FillFromSql(SqlDataReader r) <BR> {<BR> this.ID =<BR>r.GetInt32(r.GetOrdinal("ID"));<BR> this.Username =<BR>r.GetString(r.GetOrdinal("UserName"));<BR> this.Password =<BR>r.GetString(r.GetOrdinal("PassWord"));<BR> this.BirthDate =<BR>r.GetDateTime(r.GetOrdinal("BirthDate"));<BR > }<BR>}<BR>