Hi<BR><BR>I am having the following conditions in my Apache httpd.conf file<BR>Basically this is used to prevent hotlinking of images in /assets dir<BR>LOGINCOOKIE is set with the latest timestamp when the user logs in.<BR><BR>RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} ^ren.*/assets.*$ [NC] <BR>RewriteCond %{TIME}&#062;%{HTTP_COOKIE} [LOGINCOOKIE] [OR] <BR>RewriteRule #Redirect to another URL<BR><BR>The second condition in the above config fails as it is observed that HTTP_COOKIE contains all the cookies other than LOGINCOOKIE as well.<BR>My comparison fails against System time as the HTTPCOOKIE contains something similar to the following<BR><BR>JSESSIONID=45B876BE513F69CA332BDD 535A45A536; LOGINCOOKIE=20040401144931; ANOTHER_COOKIE=XXXVALUE<BR><BR>Is there anyway I could get the value of LOGINCOOKIE alone using RegExp and compare with SYSTEM TIME as this could solve my issue<BR>The regular expression is supposed to be fit in the [LOGINCOOKIE] location<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance