I have a login page where a number is entered in a text box. When a button is clicked the number is stored in a session variable and Response.Redirect is used to navigate to the next webform. Vaious operations occur on this form - updating, deleting data etc. When i use the browser back button to return to the first form the browser brings me back through all the states that the second form was in and eventually arrives at the first form. I created a back button that uses Response.Redirect to navigate back to the first form. My problem is that I still want the number to be populated in the textbox when this back button is used. The number is still in the textbox when the browser back button is used but that is messy. I tried to use a session variable to populate the textbox but as this is the firat "login page" of the application it will not open as i get the error "object not set to reference" when i try to build the app.<BR>Any help please??