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    I have problem with date. I have a system which will display the system date. In my development pc, it shows 01/04/2004. But, when I implemented it into another pc, it show 4/1/2004. Is this related to the way I set my computer's date?

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    Default It's a system setting...

    ...of the computer that IIS is running on.<BR><BR>If you need the date in a particular format, best thing to do is create your own date-formatting function.<BR><BR>But if you just want to ensure that you get the order MM/DD/YYYY, then just set the LCID. <BR><BR>For US format dates ( M/D/YYYY ) use<BR> Session.LCID = &H0409<BR><BR>For UK format dates ( DD/MM/YYYY ) use<BR> Session.LCID = &H0809<BR><BR>Look in "miscellaneous" in the VBS docs (link in left panel of this page) for settings for other countries, including Australia. (Because LCID *also* affects currency formats, for example.)<BR><BR>

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